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 Data Consultant for Nonprofits

Data migrations, assessments, and cleanups
that focus on strategy, stability, and simplicity

Data Consulting

Data Migration


"I never want to do another data migration without Seth."
- Annie LaCourt, Consultant

"One of my favorite things about working with Seth is his confident, calm demeanor with clients. Data migrations are challenging, and Seth was always able to lead the client through the process, helping them make informed decisions about their data to assure the best outcome once they go live."
- Meg Monti, Project Manager

About Me

Hi, I'm Seth. I've been working in nonprofit technology for over 20 years, both as a consultant and an employee. I enjoy perfecting organizational data so that it can be a source of strategy, stability, and simplicity. I live in Davis, California, with my wife, daughter, and two dogs. I love baseball, tea, and trees -- in that order.


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